The ReCycle: A Process for Community Discernment

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Think of the ReCycle as a tool to help foster conversations within a group where the Holy Spirit is not only present but invited to take a seat and participate in the discussion. In other words, it isn’t just a tool for making decisions. It is a tool for seeking the Spirit’s guidance first and then making decisions that will help you cooperate with God’s action in the world.

You may use the ReCycle in a church committee, in a small group, or within your daily discernment of God at work in your life. Like any tool, it takes some practice to become a skilled practitioner of the ReCycle. Try it out a few times and in a few different settings. Don’t worry about doing it correctly. The real learning comes from your willingness to just give it a try.

– From the Introduction

37 pages.

The Neighboring Movement is a nonprofit group that uses the principles of asset-based community development to support thriving communities in our founding neighborhood, in learning cohorts, and in churches. You can learn more about the Neighboring Movement at Throughout this booklet, there are times when the author’s voice will be the plural “we” because the insights and practices found here are the result of collective discussion and development. We feel like this has been given to us generously by others, and we don’t feel much ownership of it individually. This resource is the resulting effort of a multitude of people and should certainly include Rev. Adam Barlow-Thompson, Catherine Johnson, Rev. Karen Rice-Ratzlaff, Kristopher Swanson, Dr. Lisa Hancock, Rev. Maddie Johnson, and Matthew Johnson.


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