Tending the Soul of the Congregation: Spiritual Exercises for Church Leaders



Are you longing for spiritual vitality in your church? Use this resource to engage your church leaders (or your entire congregation) in a four-part series of spiritual readings and reflection exercises. Designed to be conversation starters, these exercises shift us from being anxious about the church’s future to being open and available to God’s love and longing for the people we are sent to serve.

Session I: Transforming Presence
Spiritual leaders invite openness to God’s presence

Session II: Transforming Practice
Spiritual leaders build spiritual practice

Session III: Transforming Pathways
Spiritual leaders guide people toward maturing in the Christian life

Session IV: Transforming Power
Spiritual leaders foster availability to the God who sends us forth in the power of the Spirit

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28 pages; 5″ X 8″

Stephen D. Bryant was the world editor and publisher of Upper Room Ministries from 1997 to 2009 . Previously, he served as director of spiritual formation for The Upper Room and as the international director of The Walk to Emmaus and Chrysalis movements. His vision of small groups as important settings for spiritual formation and his experience in the contemplative life as well as local churches provided the inspiration for the Companions in Christ series. Bryant was instrumental in shaping the foundational 28-week resource.


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