Measuring Discipleship

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Is It Working?

How do we know?

We’ve added new Sunday school classes to help people build a stronger foundation for faith. Is it working? How do we know?

We’ve developed new outreach to our community. Is it working? How do we know?

We’ve added a contemplative worship service to reach new people. Is it working? How do we know?

If we want to make sure we are making a difference, we need to expand and adjust our ways of thinking about numbers and effectiveness. We’re going to work on doing just that in the pages ahead, basing our efforts on a few simple approaches that will help us determine important indicators, or markers, for growth in discipleship. And, we’ll explore several tools that we can use to measure progress on the indicators. In terms of approaches, we’ll emphasize:

  • Focusing on outcomes.
  • Understanding the difference between counting and measuring—and increasing our attention to measuring.
  • Measuring what truly matters.
  • Attending to those things that really can’t be counted or measured but are critical aspects of a life of discipleship and a healthy discipleship system.

29 pages.


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