Lay Planting in Today’s World

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This lay planter training resource is more than a how-to book about planting churches (though it is that). It is a practical exercise revealing the secret of life for those who would follow the Way of Jesus.

This new resource contains essential content for training laity to start new ministries, new faith communities and churches. It’s designed to equip leaders to connect the dots between felt needs in their community and their eagerness to serve and witness to God’s Grace in new ways.

Topics Include:

  • Why New Disciples?
  • Why New Places?
  • Visioning
  • Worshipping
  • Multiplying
  • And More!

This excellent resource works in different denominations and contexts, and can be easily adapted.

If you want to grow deep and love wide, listen closely, let go of assumptions and see all people as they really are pick up a copy today!

Get ready to grow your capacity and reach new people.

100 pages
6.5″ X 9″


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