Launch Parties

A New Webinar Series to Help You Launch a New Worship Community


Is your church looking to relaunch its public ministry post-covid?

Are you thinking about launching a new worship service for a different demographic from the one you presently serve?


If so, Launch Parties may be just the help you need.

Based on the new book Launching a New Worship Community: A Field Guide for the 2020s, Launch Parties will help church teams think through to apply best practices from new church launches to their situations.

Your purchase of Launch Parties includes three webinars (meeting on October 5, 12 and 19, from 2-3:30PM CT) and then four monthly coaching sessions with Craig Gilbert, co-author of the book.  Register your entire team for just $295.

Please read “How To Register” before purchasing.

The book Launching a New Worship Community: A Field Guide to the 2020s is a compilation of thirty-two practical chapters from fourteen authors who have expertise in varied aspects of how to launch a new worship community. Topics range from community networking to children’s ministry start-up to how to run a good launch team meeting. The book is available from The Upper Room beginning in August. Pre-order now!

For more information, contact Paul Nixon at

At checkout, you’ll be asked to provide the name, email address and church name of the team leader.

After payment, you and the team leader will receive an email with instructions for registering your team members. Distribute these instructions to all your team members. Team members must register before they can participate.