Digital Fresh Expressions




This 7-part webinar series (on Thursdays in January and February), is designed to equip “digital missionaries” who are using technology to start new outreach ministries.

Presented by leaders of Fresh Expressions of Church, these 90-minute sessions (6:00-7:30p ET/5:00-6:30p CT) will cover a wide range of topics.

While focused on practical applications, participants will gain new insight around church planting in a digital space and learn how to apply the “loving first journey” in the digital ecosystem.

Additionally, with this series you’ll receive 1 CEU (continuing education unit) after attending all seven webinars.

(All webinars will be recorded and emailed to you directly if you are unable to attend.)

Thursday, January 13
The Loving First Journey: learn a framework for cultivating new Christian communities with practical examples that make the principles and practices real.
Presenter: Luke Edwards

Thursday, January 20
Missional Ecclesiology: Many Christians today articulate feeling like something is lacking in their faith. They want to impact their communities, friends, and loved ones in meaningful ways but feel like “church” is in some ways confining.
Presenter: Micah Blanks

Thursday, January 27
Missional Discipleship
Missional discipleship gives focus to our Christian life, meaning as we grow in our faith, we long to share it with others, cultivating community.
Presenter: Stephanie Moore Hand

Thursday, February 3
Belonging Before Believing Evangelism
Reappropriate some of the fundamental practices of early Methodism to manifest God’s organized love.
Presenter : Piper Ramsey-Sumner

Thursday, February 10
Network Church for a Network Society
Re-think the idea of “space” “place-fulness” and digitally enabled human connection in our rapidly changing reality of human community in a glocalized, digital, network society.
Presenter: Tiffany McCall

Thursday, February 17
Team-Based Digital Ministry
Explore an “ecclesiology of gift” and the need for the “democratization of church planting.” Jesus’ discipleship took place in the ordinary places and rhythms where life happened – and in our time, that’s the digital space.
Presenter: Jorge Acevedo

Thursday, February 24
Cultivating a Blended Ecology of Analog and Digital
Explore how to do analog AND digital: to leverage what you have on hand to start something new, use online worship as evangelism, and sustain the center while living on the edge. Investigate old school acts of care and how digital churches can help traditional congregations thrive.
Presenter: Heather Jallad

Each session is presented online via Zoom. The $200 per person registration charge includes participation in all seven webinar sessions and access to all webinar recordings.

When you make your purchase, please indicate the number of attendees you’re registering. For each attendee, we’ll ask for their name, email address and role in the church.

After purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the list of your registered attendees. Each attendee will then receive a Zoom confirmation email with a unique web link they’ll use to join the webinar. Attendees will also receive reminder emails before each session.

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