Crash Courses in Youth Ministry
Bundle #2



Download the second set of books in the Crash Courses in Youth Ministry series:

How can spending a little time behind the scenes make you more effective as a leader? How can you create more time and space to do the things you really love about ministry?

Methodist Heritage and Beliefs
How can the historical background and basic theology of Methodism shape today’s youth ministry? How can you create a theologically consistent experience for youth and their families?

Self-Care & Sabbath
How can setting boundaries and time for you to connect with God improve your leadership? How can you tell the difference between self-care activities and honest-to-goodness Sabbath time where you intentionally provide time and personal space for God?

Trips and Retreats
How do you determine where to go and what to do with extended periods of time for faith experiences? How can your church be a better partner for service organizations, camps, and retreat destinations?