Crash Courses in Youth Ministry
Bundle #1



Download the first three books in the Crash Courses in Youth Ministry series:

In this crash course, you will practice how to evaluate fundraiser effectiveness, review overused and ineffective fundraisers, learn how to ensure fundraisers are tax deductible for donors, and discover seven new and effective fundraising strategies.

Recruiting Volunteers
In this crash course you’ll learn how to identify potential volunteers, develop the four essential elements of defining a volunteer position, and how to make an effective ask.

Keeping Volunteers
Learn how to support the life cycle of a volunteer, establish ways to help volunteers evaluate their effectiveness, recognize the needs for training, and create effective means to show your appreciation for their generosity.

Rev. Jeremy Steele is currently Associate Pastor at Los Altos UMC in Los Altos, CA where he oversees the age-level ministries and the online campus. Steele has spent more than 20 years working in youth and children’s ministry, training children and youth workers, as well as writing and speaking extensively in that field. His most recent book is All the Best Questions, a prayer book that gives just about anyone the words they need to express their hearts to God. A complete list of Steele’s work can be found at his website,