Church Planter Assessment


Submitting Your Annual Conference’s Request for Assessment

  • Select the type of assessment you want performed.
  • Make your payment.  Only credit cards are accepted.
  • After payment, you’ll receive email instructions for submitting the details of your request, including information about your candidate and the type of ministry the candidate is being considered for.

Questions? Contact Paul Nixon, Director of Church Multiplication:

The Program

The Path 1 Team at Discipleship Ministries now offers an assessment process for people considering church planting as a next ministry challenge. An annual conference, a planting church, or an individual may request such an assessment. We use a variety of standard inventories that have been normed in regard to people who have recently planted new places for new people in the United Methodist Church. The assessment will involve a live interview with the potential planter as well as a brief written report. The Intercultural Development Inventory is a tool used globally to assess competency in working and living in a context of cultural diversity.

This is the first time such a service has been offered by Discipleship Ministries. Interviewers have been selected and trained from across the breadth of the denomination. When an annual conference or a church requests an assessment, one representative of the requesting organization will be invited to sit in live on the interview. Reports will be issued within one week of the interview. In cases where cabinet appointments are in process, expedited timelines may be possible.