Basics of Faith Formation

Free Course

“Go and make disciples…”

Famous words of Jesus, and similarly, the mission of The United Methodist Church. “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world” is more than a commandment the church follows, disciple making is at the heart of who the church is.

Basics of Faith Formation is a five-session series designed to equip local churches for disciple making through understanding the role of the church in forming faith. This course aims to help church staff and volunteers gain more clarity about discipleship and the role of the church and extension ministry settings in forming disciples.

We have brought together some of the best ministry leaders from across the connection! In this series you’ll hear and learn from pastors, conference staff, District Superintendents, camp and retreat directors, and church staff about how they are at work forming and training disciples of Jesus Christ. Each of these faith formation leaders serve in a wide variety of settings and bring their unique contributions. They’ll be honest about things that have gone well and areas they are challenged in.

Each of the five sessions are accompanied by a video segment, along with suggestions for “action steps” and questions for reflection and response.

Sessions include:

  • Foundations for Faith Formation
  • Two Dimensions of Grace
  • Purpose of the Means of Grace
  • The Importance of Context
  • How Camp and Retreat Ministries Contribute to Faith Formation

In addition, this teaching series will have an online forum as a place to share your challenges, hopes, and celebrations in ministry.

This course will certainly spark new ideas and give ministry leaders from all levels of experience a renewed energy and solid foundation for discipleship formation.


Scott is the Director of Adult Discipleship and Executive Director of Congregational Vitality & Intentional Discipleship at Discipleship Ministries. He is also an Elder in the North Georgia Conference, with an M.Div. from Asbury Theological Seminary, and D. Min. from Southern Methodist University. Rev. Hughes hosts the Small Groups in the Wesleyan Way podcast, and is creator of the Courageous Conversations project.