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  • SEX: A Christian Perspective on Our Bodies, Decisions, and Relationships for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Youth


    This resource strengthens relationships between youth and their adult leaders, fosters deep conversation during this experience, and provides the beginnings of conversations that go beyond this experience. You will find encouragement to choose activities and resources that connect with who you are as a local church and community addressing topics of faith and sexuality in your context.

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  • Hope & Self Acceptance – An Additional Module Related to Teens & Suicide


    The World Health Organization estimates that suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people ages 15-29 globally. A 2011 US Department of Health and Human Services study found that teens dealing with issues of sexual identity are far more likely to attempt suicide than are other youth. Hope and Self Acceptance provides a way for teens to grasp the importance of every person and the preciousness God holds for each of us

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  • Building Spiritual Muscle


    This six-session Bible Study and discipleship resource designed for youth will help work out their spiritual muscles and build their faith. Included in this resource are scripts for training and coaching the adult group leaders, as well as links to video clips of key speakers from the Youth 2015 event. The brief video clips will guide discussion for groups, with individuals setting their own learning and spiritual growth goals.This resource with help strengthen its users’ faith and develop leaders.

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  • Teen Dating – Making Smart Choices, Respecting Yourself


    Incorporating faith-based decision-making with communications skill-building, this module is designed for students to evaluate their relationships, both platonic and romantic, and know how to make helpful changes in behaviors and communication styles. Teen will learn to make wise choices in all aspects of those relationships, including sexual activity. What participants contribute to a relationship is the focus rather than what they can get from the other person in a relationship.

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  • Building Spiritual Muscle: Faithminder Journal (PDF)


    The FaithMinder Journal downloadable PDF is a companion resource designed for use with the book Building Spiritual Muscle: A Six-Week Journey to Shape a More Powerful Faith. Journal time is incorporated into the weekly group sessions for Building Spiritual Muscle and guided by the group leader through focused questions. Group participants are also guided in how to use the journal during the week between group meetings to help themselves focus on God’s Word and build their awareness about their spiritual fitness.

    Available as PDF only.

  • Covenant Discipleship Bundle


    Take advantage of a discount and purchase all three of these resources at once. Sure to inspire leaders and individuals alike to grow disciples as children, youth, and adults. Believe, follow, grow, and transform!

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