The Digital Diary series from GodFilms. Each open-ended short film invites individuals, small groups and congregations to search, discuss and discover Biblical application together. Rather than experts explaining issues, the Digital Diary films are often mysterious and thought-provoking, pushing us to unwrap Jesus' teaching in a new way.

The Digital Diary series uses peer-to-peer learning techniques in an incubator-style environment to help unleash conversations in small groups.

We at GodFilms are focused on sharing stories that encourage Christians to think. And, it is our hope that you will enjoy the challenge!

A one-page study guide is available free for each film (PDF download).

Digital Diary | Laura

Where is God on your priority list? How many is too many balls in the air? “I can’t possibly do one more thing.” Sound familiar? Is there such a thing as God-balance? Laura must look inside herself, amidst her complicated and busy life, to discover what it means to let go, let God.

Digital Diary | Christine

Can we trust God to heal our broken relationships? In a mysterious and sometimes dark dream, Christine struggles to understand her past while trying to save her marriage. This short film will touch your heart and spark your small group to tackle the difficult subjects of trust, forgiveness and grace.

Digital Diary | Robby

What is happening on the outside in the world around us is not always what is happening on the inside with our relationship with God. Robby is a coming-of-age story, and yet a story for us all, in which Robby learns to accept his family and gain strength from his relationship with God.